State Plan Portal Podcast - A discussion with leaders from the U.S. Departments of Labor, Education, Health and Human Services on the importance of combined state plans.

Requirements and Considerations for WIOA Unified and Combined State Plans: Modifications and Beyond for 2020-2023 - States are required to submit their WIOA Unified and Combined State Plans in March 2020. This webcast training series provides an overview of the specific content and submission requirements for the Strategic Plans prepared for 2020-2023 period. The Departments of Labor, Education, Agriculture, and Health and Human Services hope that these webcasts can assist States and their public workforce system partners engaged in the strategic planning process.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act State Plan Modifications (PY 2018-2020) - This webpage hosts all currently approves Unified and Combined State Plans.

WIOA State Plan Portal: Training for State Portal UsersThis training introduces state users to the newly developed portal for WIOA State Plans, demonstrates the key features of the portal, and familiarizes users with the various levels of permissions and user roles for the portal.