The U.S. Department of Labor is pleased to announce the launch of a new resource for State and Local Workforce Development Board members and staff. A Call to Action for Workforce Development Boards translates the substantial statutory strategic and operational functions of workforce boards into a holistic overview of the major roles of board members.
This document describes how board members drive the public workforce system through the development of strategy, outreach to key stakeholders, judicious stewardship of Federal workforce funds, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

This document may be used as a primer to recruit and engage new board members or as a refresher for board members who wish to better understand the critical importance of boards. This document can help all Board members understand how the statutorily required board functions are meant to directly translate into “real world”, systemic improvements such as increased system agility, business engagement, and meaningful connections across partner programs and the community.

The Department encourages board members and staff to use this primer in conjunction with the Strategic Boards Toolkit for a more comprehensive examination of Workforce Development Boards and discrete board strategies.