WIOA calls for workforce systems to adopt more evidence-based practices including the use of industry-identified competencies for more responsive education and training.  How can workforce development practitioners use a competency-based approach to meet the needs of participants, educational institutions, partner entities and employers?

ION presents three resources from the Competency Model Clearinghouse that provide new information for the support and implementation of competency-based approach to workforce development concerns.

How to Crosswalk Competency Models for Curriculum Development: A Video Series Concept
These videos highlight the real-life experiences of community colleges and industry representatives using competency models to enrich their curricula; improve their student outcomes; and strengthen their relationships with area employers.

Customizing Competency Models Through Convening Guide
This guide presents a variety of resources, ready-to-use tools, and examples of successful regional partnerships to help entities in the workforce development community of interest in convening partners to customize a competency model.

U.S. DOL Competency Model Peer Learning Group
This peer learning series provides an opportunity for workforce development practitioners to learn about the experiences of their peers in utilizing the tools and resources of the Competency Model Clearinghouse.